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Dr Samantha Westbury, Chiropractor

Doctor of Chiropractic Sam Westbury

Sam is a British born graduate of the Anglo-European college of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, England having obtained a BSc(Hons) in Chiropractic Sciences and a MSc in Chiropractic.

Sam has a keen interest in chiropractic paediatrics. During her training Sam completed her thesis on the relationship between ear pain and temporomandibular joint disorders a.k.a TMJ Dysfunction.

Sam's also blogs on various kids and pregnant moms health matters at this pregnancy and children blog.

Dr Gary Kirwan, Chiropractor

Doctor of Chiropractic Gary Kirwan

Gary is a South African born graduate of the Anglo-European college of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, England, with a BSc(Hons) Chiropractic Sciences and a MSc Chiropractic.

Gary has a keen interest in customised orthotics for the feet to help your spine and sport injury management, having completed his thesis on the benefits and risks of stretching.

Gary has previously worked both on and off the sport field, working with the Oakmedians RFC in Bournemouth, England, Dainfern Football Club and Randburg Football Club. Gary has also provided Chiropractic care for corporate golf days, been the chiropractor for the WWE wrestlers whilst in Johannesburg and done various media interviews both 1-hour live radio discussions about Chiropractic in-studio with Redi Direko on Radio 702 and helping journalists for their magazine or newspaper articles.

Dr Merissa Govender, Chiropractor

Doctor of Chiropractic Merissa Govender

Merissa is a Durban born graduate of the Durban University of Technology Chiropractic department with an M Tech Chiropractic. During her training Merissa completed her thesis on the effect of heat therapy on post dry needling soreness.

Merissa has also worked in various sporting events such as the Mr Price Pro surfing competition and the Comrades marathon and enjoys treating sports injuries.

However, her real passion and driving force which inspired her to pursue Chiropractic as a career, is her passion for children. This includes pregnancy care as well as focusing on the management and promotion of complementary healthcare in newborns.

Dr Nicholla Hughes, Chiropractor

Unfortunately Dr Nicholla is no longer practicing from the clinic as from July 2013.

 Doctor of Chiropractic Nicholla Hughes

Nicholla is a born and bred ‘Johannesburger’ who graduated from the University of Johannesburg Chiropractic department with a M.Tech Chiropractic. Nicholla completed her thesis on the effectiveness of various chiropractic treatments on tennis elbow.

Nicholla is an avid sportswoman who partakes in, and treats participants of all age groups from a variety of sporting backgrounds including netball, squash and swimming. Being part of a provincial team gives her first hand experience to the ongoing problems and injuries faced by sporting people of all ages.

Nicholla has an invested interest in promoting the wellbeing of the human body throughout all phases of life. As a qualified pilates instructor she has an extensive knowledge base on the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of numerous musculoskeletal conditions.

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