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Patient Testimonials

You can read testimonials from chiropractic patients, from both adults and children age groups.

Adult Testimonials

Here are some people giving their feedback on their experience as an adult gettign treated.


I visited your rooms a few weeks ago in absolute agony and desperately needing help for what I thought was a carpal tunnel syndrome problem in my hands. After a quick consultation, you confirmed that it was in fact not carpal tunnel, but rather inflammation of my joints, possibly connected to a bowel disease that I suffer from, Ulcerative Colitis. You were right.

I have had follow up sessions with both my gastroenterologist and a rheumatologist who confirm that I have enteropathic arthritis. Enteropathic arthritis is an inflammatory condition affecting the spine and other joints that commonly occurs in the inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. With me, it affects my hands, wrists, shoulders and feet. The weird part is that it is migratory and lasts in one joint for 3 – 4 days before moving to another joint.

My gastroenterologist praised you for your ability to properly diagnose this condition. So thank you for not cutting open my wrists for carpal tunnel!

I will continue to recommend your practise to all my family and friends for the good work you do.


For everybody who's looking for a general health remedy. I found chiropractic extremely beneficial. In my case I had a headache and upper back ache daily for more than a month. I went to a chiropractor for the first time in my life because one of my friends recommended me. I met Gary and after just two sessions of seeing him I felt more than fine: no more pains. I even felt I had more energy during the day and slept better during the night. It's unbelievable how chiropractic could work out so quickly.

I've already recommended it to my friends and I would recommend it to everyone, even if it's just for maintaining a good health. Thanks for your help Gary and Sam.


I had suffered from excruciating lower back pain for years. Many times I would find myself unable to sit or to stand and the only relief I would have would be to lie down. I tried numerous physiotherapists but the relief from their treatment would be short-lived. During a particularly acute pain episode I happened to find the details of the Chiroclinic on the Internet and made an appointment with Samantha. After just the first session I felt an immediate improvement in my back - the pain subsided right away - and a handful of treatments later my back has never felt better.

I have more mobility than I have had in years and, best of all, no more pain! I can't thank you enough Samantha... you really do have blessed hands.


I was involved in a car accident about 2 months ago and suffered most of my injuries on my left side of the body. With the amount of pain I was under, and all the hectic medication I was taking, I really was going thru a lot of frustration. The nights were the worst. When Sam was recommended to me, I didn't even know what a Chiropractor does. Thanks to Sam, I got a bit of a lecture.... Right from day 1, I could see a huge difference. I've been seeing her for about 2 months now, and it really is a journey and a lot of hard work. I'm finally seeing the light at the end of this road. Besides her helping me with my injuries, she really is a fantastic person and very kind, she understands the trauma and the frustration that came with the pain.

Thumbs up to you Sam! You are my best!


Dear Dr Westbury,

I write because I would like you to publish my letter on the web for your readers. You will recall that when I visited you for the first time that I was in absolute agony.

I have lived with excruciating pain for seven years since a cycling accident which left me with two broken collar bones, eight fractured ribs, one punctured lung, a collapsed lung and broken shoulder blade. I was treated for two months in the Medi Clinic Private Hospital in Cape Town and recovered remarkably well from a near death experience. Upon arrival, the doctor thought I was unconscious. I heard him say to the nurse, “Quick we are going to lose this one.” That is how close it was. I was in intensive care for eleven days, hospital for five weeks and an outpatient for a month. I injected myself four times daily with an ampoule of morphine substitute. The pain has not left me since the day I stopped the drugs (as I knew that if I continued I would become an addict) I learned to live with pain and just got on with life again. I walked with a dropped shoulder and twisted spine & neck for seven years, because I thought there was no other way. I had to turn on my feet to look behind me.

An army friend suggested about two years ago that I visit his Chiropractor. I turned him down. I thought it was mumbo jumbo. During December I visited my brother in Melbourne. After the flight I was in the worst condition ever. My brother insisted that he gave me a massage. After beating me to a pulp, I partially recovered and for the first time made a partial recovery for about three weeks. This was probably the catalyst to seek treatment as I had seen an improvement. When I returned to Johannesburg, I looked for masseurs that my brother had recommended, but soon got tied up in my daily business and forgot about it, until the pain came back with a vengeance.

A friend put me in touch with you. I started daily treatment and I am surprised and pleased to note that for the past two weeks, I am completely mobile, without 95% of the pain I usually endure and for the first time since that accident. I recall that after a week of treatment, I over-slept and missed an appointment at your office because I had slept for fifteen hours without waking up. It is nothing short of a miracle. I have routinely slept between seven to nine hours per day without a single interruption during the night. My quality of life has improve dramatically since then as I am able to concentrate better and generally do what normal people take for granted.

I wrote to urge skeptics reading this letter to get them treated without delay.


Hi Sam,

You have changed my life and cannot thank you enough. I cannot stop talking about your magic hands and just hope that my friends do hear me cos I do give them your numbers.

My favourite line is that” I forget I have a back these days…cos there’s no constant reminder of a painful back throughout the day.”

Keep on the good work.

Kind regards and lots of respect for your work

Children Testimonials

Anthony (9 months old)

Anthony was born in late November 2004. He was a happy baby, but at 4.5kg soon required topping up with formula. This seemed to cause occasional discomfort to him, so, on medical advice, the formula was changed, with a degree of success. At 8 months, however, he picked up a serious ear and gastro infection that resulted in his being hospitalised for 4 days. After his discharge all was not well, and x-rays revealed a very constipated intestine. This led to his introduction to Samantha, and after only 4 session with her he was a totally changed baby - now happy, eating and very regular! As he approaches his first birthday and has started crawling, tendency to favour his left leg has been detected, so Samantha has now started treating this.


When Daniel turned six weeks old he started crying inconsolably from 17h00 to 20h00 every day. There was nothing we could do to stop this incessant screaming. He would pull his little legs up, arch his back and belt it out. Not only was Daniel in agony but the rest of the family ended up screaming, fighting and crying too. We tried Tissue Salts, Gripe Water, Bonny Care, Motilium, Buscopan and tummy massages, but nothing helped. Finally I found The Chiroclinic on the Internet under infant colic and reluctantly booked Daniel’s appointment. I say reluctantly as I was quite skeptical about whether it would work. Dr. Sam gently did six 15 minute sessions with Daniel. From the third session there was an immediate change in Daniel’s behaviour. He was much more relaxed, slept better and the screaming sessions stopped!

Daniel then went for his 8 week inoculations and we were back to square one. The afternoon after his inoculations he cried non-stop for four hours. He slept badly and was grumpy for days afterwards. I took him back to Sam and she fixed him again. We have not had any problems since. My family and I would seriously recommend this treatment, it works!

Kind regards,

Tanya Taylor

Luke (11 weeks old)

Luke suffered from almost daily episodes of crying inconsolably and displayed coliky symptoms while not actually having proper colic. These crying episodes were particularly distressful for me as I could not pinpoint the reason behind them and was powerless to help my son, who was quite clearly in terrible pain. After two trips to the paediatrician and suggestions of everything from buscopan to a very invasive barium xray we decided to bring Luke to Dr Sam. After only three visits, which were not upsetting for Luke in any way, he stopped having these episodes and is a healthy, happy and playful baby. He is an absolute joy. Thank you for your professional and sensitive treatment, we feel like we have a new baby. I would also highly recommend that all new mothers see Sam, as most complain of lower backache and pain in the shoulders brought about by the constant bending and lifting of a new baby, as well and the new and awkward positions we find ourselves in when breast feeding. This coupled with all the pregnancy and birth aches and pains of exhaustion of taking care of a new baby can make the first few months of motherhood a physical nightmare. I mistakenly thought the root of the cause of my pain was solely muscular and spent many fruitless hours in pain at a physio. When I brought Luke to Sam it was out of desperation, but seeing first hand the treatment of him left me confident that she would be able to fix my aches and pain and I was not disappointed.

Thanks for fixing us Dr Sam - I will definitely put the word out...

Merrick (3 weeks)

Our first child was unexpected and we knew very little about child rearing. So when the symptoms of "Colic" appeared, we decided to find every possible form of assistance to ensure as little sleep loss as possible. After asking everyone we knew about every remedy on the sun, we heard about the chiropractor option. Gary & Sam were recommended by a friend's colleague and we were very hesitant at first. We however met with them and they had a look at our son Merrick. After four treatments, they were satisfied that they had done all they can, and we had wonderful nights filled with sleep. There was a vast improvement from when we started, and the Colic never got bad at all. So as first time parents, this was a wonderful experience and we now bring Merrick back at each developmental stage. We highly recommend Gary & Sam, not only for their medical ability, but also the caring, friendly and helpful way they approached us and our son.

Jayde (6 weeks)

Hi Sam, just wanted to say a very big thank you for working your miracle hands on Jayde. I had been told Jayde was colic and had exhausted every medicine available and as a last resort I bought her to you at six weeks. After only two painless sessions with you she had stopped crying when passing wind - life was as it should be with my little baby girl whom up to that point I could not enjoy due to the endless crying. By the third session she was all better!!

You truly have miracle hands and I will certainly be coming to visit you once Jayde hits her next milestones.

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