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Tempur Pedic

Some of the Tempur - Beds Online product range is available to see below. Tempur® Products range from pillows to lumbar supports and mattresses.

Tempur® was created for NASA astronauts so that the pressure on their bodies during take offs and re-entries was lowered. This was then made into a commercial form through the contoured original pillow designed to conform the natural lordotic curve of the neck. This memory foam was revolutionary for the medical industry as mattresses were created for bed bound patients to lower bed sores from pressure points on the tail bone area, ankles, hips and shoulders. Tempur® material is also used in operating theatres tables where patients are laying in a position for prolonged periods and the start of decreased blood flow to vulnerable pressure points can start the process of bed sores.

The material is temperature conforming, meaning parts of your body in contact with the material mould into the foam due to the temperature. So heavier parts sink in further so as to create uniform pressure throughout and distribute heat caused by pressure points or 'hot spots'.

People suffering with allergies can use the Tempur® pillows or mattresses as they are hypo- allergenic, so resistant to dust mites and moulds.

For more information on Tempur® products please visit the Tempur® South Africa website for more information on the material and the full range of products.

Order Tempur Products

For all Tempur® product related enquiries and orders please:

  1. Call Tempur South Africa on 0861 60 60 60
  2. Email Tempur South Africa on info @ pharmaline.co.za for your nearest store.

Tempur Pillows

  1. Tempur Millennium Pillow Tempur Millennium

    Supports your neck whether you sleep on your back or on your side. The forward tilt of the edge of the pillow provides ideal support for the top of the spine.

    |Medium | Large | X-Large |

  2. Tempur Original Pillow Tempur Original

    It moulds itself precisely to the contours of your head and neck, providing perfect support for neck and shoulder muscles.

    |Meduim | Large | X-Large |

  3. Tempur Comfort Pillow Tempur Comfort

    The pillow combines a plush, traditional-shaped pillow with the Tempur pressure relieving support. Created to mimic feather down type pillows, with thousands of tiny Tempur cushions throughout the pillow.

    |One size |

  4. Tempur Classic Pillow Tempur Classic

    This pillow combines a traditional pillow design with a functional neck support and the unique advantages of the Tempur Material.

    |One size |

  5. Tempur Travel PillowTempur Travel

    Take your favourite pillow with you when you go away - it is the same shape as the Tempur Original Neck Pillow Medium and works in the same way, but is only half the width. A practical bag compresses the volume of the pillow by 70%.

    |One size |

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Tempur Mattresses

Tempur® mattress range is found below and if combined with a Tempur® pillow will provide the most pressure relieving effect on the whole body.

Size Description
Tempur 20cmThe 15cm height contains (A) 7cm Tempur visco-elastic foam and (B) 8cm polyurethane foam base Tempur 15cmThe 20cm has (A) 2cm extra of "soft touch" Tempur on top of the (B) 7cm Tempur visco-elastic foam and (C) 11cm polyurethane foam base

Measurements are in Width x Length x Height.

  1. Combimattress 90x185x20 | Single |
  2. Combimattress 90x200x15 | Single |
  3. Combimattress 90x200x20 | Single |
  4. Combimattress 135x185x20 | Double |
  5. Combimattress 135x200x15 | Double |
  6. Combimattress 135x200x20 | Double |
  7. Combimattress 150x185x20 | Queen |
  8. Combimattress 150x200x15 | Queen |
  9. Combimattress 150x200x20 | Queen |
  10. Combimattress 180x185x20 | King |
  11. Combimattress 180x200x15 | King |
  12. Combimattress 180x200x20 | King |

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