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Snug Bugs: Microwaveable Wheat Bags

adult snug bug

Snug Bugs are wheat bags that you can warm-up in the microwave. The Snug Bugs have been handmade with no scent added to the wheat so giving you the choice to fragrance the microwaveable wheat bag or not.

The general rule wether to ice or heat is that heat is very useful for muscle tightness & aches whilst ice is good for acute muscle strains and joints sprains. Find out more about the difference between ligament sprains and muscle strains.

The heat helps the muscle fibres to relax by attracting warm blood to the muscle, which should help to loosen the muscle fibres themselves, so making them slightly longer. Chiropractors tend to recommend heat for chronic muscle tightness, and to use heat before doing specific muscle stretches they may have been prescribed for your treatment plan. A warm muscle is always easier to stretch. So how a sportsperson has to warm up before they exercise, so does a patient before stretching normally, so as not to cause more injury.

The microwaveable heat bags are also divided into three seperate wheat compartments. This to allow an even amount of warm wheat throughout the Snug Bug. For instance, when the Snug Bug is on your neck the warm wheat does not sag down to the ends, leaving you with little or no heat over your neck.

Different coloured microwaveable heat bags are available.

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