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Restonic Pillows

Restonic Pillow

Restonic has produced the Sleepy Head® cervical support neck pressure pillow, which is endorsed as a good neck support pillow by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa.

Made of 'pressure relieving foam', the pillow lets the weight of the head drop down, but remains arched to support the neck and keeps it in line with your spine as you sleep on your side or back. The pressure relieving foam is a visco-elastic foam.

Chiropractors recommend a good supportive pillow to their patients who suffer chronic neck problems and headaches. Sleep is necessary for the body to heal, but if you are not getting good neck support then your neck will be taking physical strain, even when you are asleep. If your neck is taking strain, this means you are not going to allow your neck and upper back muscles and joints to completely rest, even causing you to toss and turn more frequently, so potentially aggravating even mid-back or low back pain problems.

The height of the pillow is important when laying on your side so that the neck is not arched too much down or up. For females usually just the pillow on its own is enough. For broader shouldered men putting a thin normal pillow under the restonic pillow allows the benefit of the memory foam to be felt and the ideal height achieved.

So if your pillow at the moment collapses in the middle so you end up having to push it in to give you more cushioning around your neck, and it is disturbing your sleep then consider a better pillow.

How to Buy a Restonic Pillow

To order a pillow there are three options for you:

  1. Call Restonic customer care on 011 298 9999
  2. Email Restonic through their website contact form
  3. Speak to your Chiropractor if they stock the pillows

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