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My High Fat Diet Experiment: Bulletproof Coffee Made With Butter

high fat diet
Making Ketones with Butter

You may have heard me talking about my high fat diet experiment in the clinic lately. If you haven’t heard what I have been trying out then let me explain. Since about August I decided to enter the world of biohacking. A biohacker is someone who experiments with their health and tests to see if it improves them. I think we are all biohackers if you go to gym, eat a certain way, think a certain way.

What got me started on this high fat biohacking journey was coming across Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof coffee was coined by biohacker, Dave Asprey. Dave explained in his blog post on how to make bulletproof coffee that instead of using milk he puts unsalted butter and coconut oil in his coffee. Yes I said butter, real yellow butter.

Of course I was like you are probably now frowning at this idea going “butter in your coffee, why that must taste so gross!”. So I did, I put butter in my coffee. Guess what it wasn’t that bad. Butter is just cream that has been churned into butter with the buttermilk poured off. Basically butter is yellow cream. Continue Reading

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