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Case Study: Chiropractic Manipulation Helps Sciatica and Low Back Pain

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Can You Scream Sciatica!

Sciatica pain running down the back of your leg maybe all the way down into your calf and ankle region accompanied with lower back pain are two common conditions a chiropractor will see in their practice.

In todays post I wanted to share with you an interesting and inspiring case study from Australian doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Ian Rossborough. It’s always good to see what others have experienced and how they managed to get better when you thought it might be impossible.

Severe Sciatica Pain Relief Story

This is a story about Jim. As you can see how sore he looks when he hobbles around the Chiropractic clinic with excruciating pain running down his left leg. He evens feels the need to get on the ground to try get relief from the pain. If you have had a pinched nerve in your leg I’m sure you can relate to Jims’ pain.

Dr Ian uses a Chiropractic technique called Gonstead named after chiropractor, Clarence Gonstead. This technique utilises x-ray analysis to help determine the spinal level of dysfunction. In this case, Jim’s lower back was the problem as this is where the sciatic nerve originates from. It is common for the L4-5 or L5-S1 discs to bulge or herniate out and pinch the nerve. This is what causes all the pain.

I think watching how Jim went from extreme suffering to feeling mobile and able to walk pain free in a matter of days inspiring for patients around the world that have an episode of sciatica like Jim.

Image Credit:  Some rights reserved by Tom Newby Photography

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Watch Your Posture, Because Others Do!

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