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How to Deadlift Properly: A Lower Back Pain Exercise At Gym

how to deadlift properly
Learn How to Deadlift Properly

I’m sure most people will have experienced some sort of back pain when trying to bend forward and lift a weight.

This could be bending and lifting up your newborn baby out of the cot just like I have had to do with our new daughter. Maybe it was bending whilst doing the gardening, lifting that dumbbell at the gym, or even trying to put something into the boot of the car. There is likely to have been a time when your back told you it was tired and gave you a sharp twinge or severe muscle spasm.

Today’s post looks at showing you how to bend forward with good posture and form. Knowing how to deadlift properly is a great lower back pain exercise if you want how to strengthen your back muscles. Continue Reading

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Why Does My Back Hurt? I do 100 Sit-Ups a Day!

Do you get lower back pain when you do sit-ups at gym or home? This is a common complaint with low back pain sufferers and seems to go against our everyday understanding of having ‘strong abs’ equals a strong back. Whether it is cosmetic, or to protect the back, we all want better, stronger, flatter… Continue Reading

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