The Baby Get Up Exercise

Baby Get Up ExerciseThe Baby Get-Up exercise that you’ll be both familiar with, but not probably heard of or consciously practised before. I have been studying neurodevelopment movement patterns through a concept called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS) coming out of Motol Hospital in Prague. Being able to perform a good looking and smooth side to elbow or hand movement is vital.

When we are born we all should go through developmental milestones. These milestones show that we have the ability to go from laying on our backs as a newborn to being able to easily get up and onto our feet as an adult. When I mentioned earlier how you would already know about the Baby Get Up movement what I meant was that you already should be doing this everyday. You are probably getting out of bed in the morning this way. When you watch the video of how to do a correct baby get up move you’ll see what I mean.

How To Perform the Baby Get Up Exercises

In the following video you’ll see how US chiropractor, Dr Perry Nickleston, explains what is a baby get-up movement and how to look for the difference from side to side.

I recommend this rehabilitation exercise for patients with:

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by abbybatchelder