How to Choose the Best Running Shoe For You

Colourful TakkiesHave you been wondering which is the best running shoe for you to wear. There is so much choice out there nowadays from different brands and even different styles. There has been a lot of news recently regarding barefoot running and how good it might be for runners in helping them reduce running injuries like shin splints, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, hamstring strains etc…

I know it can be so confusing what you should do when trying on your new pair of takkies at the sport shoe shop. That is why I was impressed with the video below from another chiropractor in Canada interviewing a local running shoe shop owner. In the video you will be able to learn lots, I know I did so here it is.

Best Running Shoe For You

I’m sure you found what Mr Gord had to say about normal long distance shoes and minimal running shoes very helpful right.

It was also interesting to see him discuss the different running styles and techniques. How traditional shoe runner s strike out far in front of them, run at a slower pace (cadence), drop their heads more from the side view. compared to a more barefoot runner style who moves their legs at a higher rate between strides and has less drop in head height on a side view.

This difference in gait styles between barefoot runners and shoe runners is similar to what I have come across before. There is a running technique out there called POSE technique.

POSE was invented by a Russian sport scientist who believed he could make Soviet Union athletes run more efficiently by changing their gait. He came up with the concept of the POSE technique. Here is the BBC’s Tomorrows World episode on Economical Running with the Pose Method which you can see below.

Well getting back to the reason for this article, there are many types of running shoes out there. There are many brands who make shoes for long distance runners. Choosing a shoe not only depends on if you pronate your foot excessively, but also how you run. If you are a traditional heel striker a minimal shoe will be sore for you without the cushioning. You will need to retrain your gait maybe like the triathletes did in the BBC video above.