How to Deadlift Properly: A Lower Back Pain Exercise At Gym

how to deadlift properly
Learn How to Deadlift Properly

I’m sure most people will have experienced some sort of back pain when trying to bend forward and lift a weight.

This could be bending and lifting up your newborn baby out of the cot just like I have had to do with our new daughter. Maybe it was bending whilst doing the gardening, lifting that dumbbell at the gym, or even trying to put something into the boot of the car. There is likely to have been a time when your back told you it was tired and gave you a sharp twinge or severe muscle spasm.

Today’s post looks at showing you how to bend forward with good posture and form. Knowing how to deadlift properly is a great lower back pain exercise if you want how to strengthen your back muscles.

How To Deadlift Properly to Strengthen You Back

In the above video you can see some good tips on how to bend forward and protect your lower back.

Some key points demonstrated are:

  • To keep a strong upper back and not slouch forward
  • Stick your bum out and maintain the natural arch in your lower back
  • Power up from your thighs and glut muscles

What I like in the video is how Gray Cook also explains the criss-cross muscle action in our lower backs. When you stand on your left foot you use your left gluteal muscle (bum muscle) and right quadratus lumborum muscle (lower back muscle) and the opposite with the right foot. Our body works in diagonals.

I see this all the time in patients who have one side of their back muscles a lot more developed than the other. You may have felt this difference even in your calf muscle, particularly on the outside of your calf muscle in an area called the peroneal muscles. Ever wondered why looking in the mirror your one leg muscle was bigger than the other.

You don’t need kettle bell weight to be able to do this deadlift exercise correctly. At gym you can use a dumbbell weight. To be safe, as Gray showed you, you can start by lifting the weight from a chair or a bench press table.

I hope this helps to remind you how to bend over and deadlift a weight properly at gym or at the crossfit box next time.