Exercises to improve Your Golf Game

Exercises for your Golf GameI’m have been a keen golfer since I was 14 years old and have always been looking at ways to improve my golf game. Since Tiger Woods joined the PGA tour he made keeping fit and doing exercises to improve your golf game more normal for many gofers both professional and amateurs. Today I want to show you a great series of golf tests and golf exercises to help see if your able to control your body when swing the golf club.

Golf Exercises

You may not be aware but the healthcare professionals, like chiropractors, who treat the European PGA and US PGA golfers have most likely attended the Titelist Performance Institute course.

One of the senior TPI golf instructors is Gray Cook.

Gray was asked my the Golfers Digest magazine to come up a simple series of self-tests and exercises that golfers can do to see how golf fit they are.

In this series Gray starts with his “Basic Competency” tests which are:

  1. Deep Squat
  2. In-line Lunge
  3. Hurdle Step
  4. Seated Rotation
  5. Straight Leg Raise

The next part to testing your golf fitness is the “Core Stability” series:

  1. One Arm Push-Up
  2. One Leg Chair Squat
  3. Raised Leg Push-Up

The last part to improving your golf performance is the “Power & Balance” series:

  1. Kneeling Ball Bounce
  2. Rotational Chest Pass

You can see how to do all the above golf exercises and test here on the Golfers Digest Magazine website.

The nice thing about these exercises and movements is that it would not only help golfers improve their fitness and golf game but all of us.

Being able to do the above series of exercises effectively means your are able to control your body movements well which in turn could help reduce your risk of injury to yourself when gyming, running, lifting your baby out the cot, packing shopping in the boot of the car etc…

Another way to hit the golf ball further could be a simple foot scan. Customised orthotics in your golf shoes through research helped golfers increase the club head speed, which in turn let them hit the golf ball further.

Happy golfing :)