Healthy Flip Flops: e-Flip™ Footwear

E-flip-Flops-orthoticsSummer is upon us and it is that time we get to let our feet breath and we want a pair of flip flops. There has been some discussion about how good or healthy flip flops are for our muscles and joints.

So today you can find out about a new range of flip flops available from ChiroClinic Products that provide a good foundation for your posture and movements. Read more below about the new e-flip™.

Healthy Flip Flops

What I mean by healthy flip flops is ones that help support the arches of your feet. This then lets you move without putting excess strain on your body. This is important for ankle, knee, hip and back pain problems.

We all love our flops cos they are easy to put on and aren’t as hot to wear as closed shoes on a Summers day. Also they make us feel like we are on holiday and so we relax. But flops can also make us feel not so lekker.

You may know the feeling walking in flops on the beach or in a shopping centre with your back then aching after awhile. So what can you do get a good pair of flip flops for your posture?

Three Arch Support

Well you could have your feet arches scanned and look at how the arches are of your feet. Is there a problem in the three arches of the feet that is putting strain on your muscles when you wear flops?

You could look at different kinds of flip flops like thin thong type flops, thick ones with velcro straps, even sandals with built in custom-made orthotics etc…

The e-Flip Flop

There is a new flip flop that has just arrived in South Africa from Australia from Equilibras called the e-flip™. The Equilibras e-flip™ was designed by two chiropractors who decided they were tired of patients who needed good, supportive footwear to help their bodies, but wouldn’t use them cos they wore rubber flip flops most the time.

So the two chiropractors then created a generic three arch orthotic that could stimulate anyones foot arches and give them supportive footwear even when wearing beach style thong flip flops. So the Equilibras e-flip™ flip flop was born.

The e-flip™ footwear tries to create a stable foundation to walk on so reducing fatigue in muscles and joints which in turn could help reduce pain.

The nice thing about them is they look like normal flip flops. No one would know that you are wearing an orthotic in the flops you are wearing, so they don’t look like medical shoes.

The e-flip™ also cater for our different personalities and dress needs with different colours available. You can get black flip flops, white flip flops, blue flip flops, turquoise flip flops, purple flip flops, light pink flip flops and hot pink flip flops. These flops look great for both men and women.

So if you want a special healthy flop flop to wear then consider the e-flip™. It is an orthotic support flip flop to make your feet and body happy.

Order a Your Flip Flops

You can order a pair of e-flip™ orthotic support flip flops from ChiroClinic Products by completing the contact form below.