Positive Psychology: It’s Good For Your Health

You may or may not have heard about a new trend called Positive Psychology. Prof Seligman helped to coin this new branch of psychology around 2000. The basic idea is to focus on your mental strengths and not the weakness. The aim is to see the positive side of life not just the negative.

Below you will get to watch a video discussing the basic concept of positive psychology and what stages there are of happiness. I have also added my 5 tips on how to be positive now.

Positive Psychology

So what does being happy or positive have to do with your spinal health you may ask? Well having a better functioning nervous system allows you to move better, have better posture, decrease pain sensation and improve other physiology systems in your body, like your cardiovascular system.

Ultimately if you are able to go from the stress response of fight to flight back into rest and digest easily you have a good working nervous system

So I would like to introduce you to the positive psychology concept through a TED talk video by Prof Seligman himself.

Positive Psychology Video

5 Tips on How to Be Positive Now

Here are 5 of my personal tips to staying positive now:

  1. Read/watch positive news – try SAgoodnews.co.za or TED Talks for daily inspiration
  2. Smile – just trying to smile at little things makes a big difference
  3. Live in the Present – try avoid future shock by thinking and living in the present situation.
  4. Daily Light Exercise Рmovement is important for brain function try Just Start Walking
  5. Breath – It is amazing how many of us hold our breath whilst concentrating, try abdominal breathing.

So I hope you have enjoyed the learning about positive psychology and maybe tried my 5 tips to be positive now. If we all just did a little bit everyday it could make a big difference to the quality of life you get to experience.

“Live a good life not just a long life” Bob Parsons