The Just Start Walking Chiropractic Campaign

Just Start Walking Chiropractic CampaignDid you know it is World Spine Day on Oct 16 and for 2010 there is a great new health initiative called Just Start Walking. The “Just Start Walking” exercise is a follow on from the Straighten Up South Africa health awareness programme.

Both of these health awareness campaigns were devised by the same chiropractor, Dr Ron Kirk, from life University in America. Today I want to tell you more about how the simple things we can do everyday, like just walking, can help you improve your health immediately.

Just Start Walking Chiropractic Campaign

To help you get started and to better understand the Just Start Walking initiative I have added a summary of information that doctor of Chiropractic, Dr Ron Kirk, has put together on the power point slides below.

Download (PPT, 3.03MB)

The Health Benefits of Walking

Benefits of regular brisk walking include improved spinal, bone and joint health and increased mental clarity.

There are many other health benefits to just moving your body some others include:

  • Weight loss
  • Vitamin D from sunlight
  • Social interaction
  • Sense of achievement
  • Many more

Walking is one of the easiest and most basic exercise to do. You do it everyday, maybe just not enough. This is what was recently found by researchers in Australia about too much sitting and its bad effect on your health.

Get Walking: “Activity Calendar”

To help get you started here is an activity calendar you can print to keep track of your progress.

Remember before starting any new exercise programme you may need to consult your doctor. If you are worried i have included a check list Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (Par-Q) to see if you need to consult a doctor before exercising.

Extra Help with Walking

If you are on Discovery vitality you could get vitality points for walking. You could join up with a Run/Walk for Life group in your area to start earning points.

Get a dog. Yes, many doctors prescribe pets like dogs that people have to walk daily. They can make a great companion as well.

Wear comfortable shoes. Walking around all day in flip-flops may not be so good for you. When walking long distances good footwear can help make it more fun to walk. You could even get a pair of custom-made orthotics to help your posture and lower pressure on your joints.

I hope we could inspire you today to move your body to improve your health. So get out there and Just Start Walking.