Panjo the Tiger | How to Survive an Attack

In Joburg, South Africa at the moment all the talk and news is where is “Panjo the Tiger” and has “Panjo the Tiger” been found yet? Well to keep up to date with the adventures and latest news, Panjo the Tiger” was found yesterday. You can watch the Radio 702 Eye Witness News video report below on the adventures of “Panjo the Tiger“.

Panjo the Tiger Found

If you find you are in an area where “Panjo the Tiger” has escaped again then maybe you should watch this “How to Survive a Tiger Attack” video below by Dave Salmoni. Dave will show you how to tackle a tiger, stop a tiger biting you with the gag reflex and when to bite a tiger’s nose. Because you never know there could be a Panjo stalking you :)

Just joking, I’m glad “Panjo the Tiger” was found safe and well and the people of Bronkhurstspruit and Delmas can sleep well again tonight.

How to Survive a Tiger Attack Video