The Baby Get Up Exercise

Baby Get Up ExerciseThe Baby Get-Up¬†exercise that you’ll be both familiar with, but not probably heard of or consciously practised before. I have been studying neurodevelopment movement patterns through a concept called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS) coming out of Motol Hospital in Prague. Being able to perform a good looking and smooth side to elbow or hand movement is vital.

When we are born we all should go through developmental milestones. These milestones show that we have the ability to go from laying on our backs as a newborn to being able to easily get up and onto our feet as an adult. When I mentioned earlier how you would already know about the Baby Get Up movement what I meant was that you already should be doing this everyday. You are probably getting out of bed in the morning this way. When you watch the video of how to do a correct baby get up move you’ll see what I mean. Continue Reading

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Case Study: Chiropractic Manipulation Helps Sciatica and Low Back Pain

Sciatica pain running down the back of your leg maybe all the way down into your calf and ankle region accompanied with lower back pain are two common conditions a chiropractor will see in their practice. In todays post I wanted to share with you an interesting and inspiring case study from Australian doctor of… Continue Reading

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My High Fat Diet Experiment: Bulletproof Coffee Made With Butter

You may have heard me talking about my high fat diet experiment in the clinic lately. If you haven’t heard what I have been trying out then let me explain. Since about August I decided to enter the world of biohacking. A biohacker is someone who experiments with their health and tests to see if… Continue Reading

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How to Choose the Best Running Shoe For You

Have you been wondering which is the best running shoe for you to wear. There is so much choice out there nowadays from different brands and even different styles. There has been a lot of news recently regarding barefoot running and how good it might be for runners in helping them reduce running injuries like… Continue Reading

How to Deadlift Properly: A Lower Back Pain Exercise At Gym

I’m sure most people will have experienced some sort of back pain when trying to bend forward and lift a weight. This could be bending and lifting up your newborn baby out of the cot just like I have had to do with our new daughter. Maybe it was bending whilst doing the gardening, lifting… Continue Reading

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Exercises to improve Your Golf Game

I’m have been a keen golfer since I was 14 years old and have always been looking at ways to improve my golf game. Since Tiger Woods joined the PGA tour he made keeping fit and doing exercises to improve your golf game more normal for many gofers both professional and amateurs. Today I want… Continue Reading

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

You may have been to the clinic and had one of the chiropractors use the low level laser therapy (LLLT) on you. They told you that low level laser therapy is also commonly known as cold laser therapy & low level light therapy. Today’s post is to tell your bit more about what exactly cold… Continue Reading

Arm Goes Numb While Sleeping

I’m sure you have had that experience before where your arm or your hand goes numb while sleeping in bed. It can easily happening when cuddling with your loved one in bed. I found a funny but informative video on youtube looking at how to avoid a trapped arm whilst cuddling in bed. Continue Reading

Our Natural Water Birth Experience

As most of you knew Dr Sam was pregnant with our first child this year. Well our baby daughter decided to arrive in the world on Friday 23 September 2011 at 06:56 Today I want to let you know about our birth experience. We feel blessed that it turned out the way we were hoping… Continue Reading

Watch Your Posture, Because Others Do!

What is posture? It starts when you young with your parents constantly reminding you to stand up straight, stop slouching, suck your tummy in (like the girl in the holiday photo) etc… As you get older you the reminders just come from other people including your chiropractor, but what is the big deal about posture? Continue Reading

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